The Rise of Impact Travel

Impact Travel is heading mainstream which means a very exciting time for people, like myself, who are passionate about Responsible Tourism!

Basically, Impact Travel means a type of travel experience that is making a positive impact. So in a way it comes under the responsible tourism banner, but I have left this category separate because I want to share with you some ways that you can contribute towards the Impact Travel movement.

Before I tell you I just want to shout out to the wonderful Visit.Org who really pushed Impact Travel to the mainstream. Visit.Org is the world’s largest database of impact travel experiences and their drive and passion has seen recent partnerships with big brands such as Expedia, showing the world that there is a better way to travel. Map
Browse through countries and categories to find an impactful experience with a do-good organisation.

Another wonderful platform helping to grow the Impact Travel movement is Jamuy, and they are leaving it into the hands of the people that know best – us! You can join the Jamuy platform and upload your own do-good experiences happening in your own city. It takes only 5 minutes for you to help a social project by promoting one of their activities on the platform.

Here’s a short tutorial to explain how:

And here’s a little interview I did for Jamuy this year that talks about the importance of Impact Travel and why Jamuy is such a great platform to do so. (This is my first ever interview so please bear with the goof factor)

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