Responsible Travel Websites

Backpacker Bible

Backpacker Bible is a responsible travel website where you can find information about responsible tourism and ways to minimise the negative impact while travelling. They provide detailed responsible city guides, blog posts and general responsible tourism information, as well as highlighting great causes. Look out for their ‘Travel Good Badge’ to find a cause near you.

The Wayward Post is an online magazine for socially conscious travellers. The website contains stories from all over the world about responsible and sustainable tourism experiences. Choose from features, narratives, lists and photo stories, or find out how you can spend a sustainable weekend in your favourite city by reading their ‘Wayward Weekend’ features.

The Wayward Post

Visit.Org is an online marketplace full of amazing experiences with organisations that are contributing to social good. Choose from a range of experiences all over the world that contribute to the social and economic benefit of the local people. Browse by the causes you love and create a holiday that gives back. Have a tour you want listed? Ask me how I can help.

GivingWay is an online social network directly connecting volunteers and organisations worldwide, for free. GivingWay is shifting the power back to volunteers and end organisations, and away from the big volunteer companies and agencies. Follow their blog for stories from the community, and stay tuned for their next feature which will include a social enterprise database.

Grassroots Volunteering

Grassroots Volunteering is a database of social businesses and volunteer opportunities worldwide. Search, by country, for the opportunity to volunteer at a grassroots level, cutting out the middle man and ensuring all your funds go to the supporting the cause in need. GV also have a great list of social enterprises you can support in the areas you are travelling to. If you are a social enterprise who wants to be listed ask me how I can help.

ChildSafe is a Movement actively protecting children and youth around the world. They have created a platform to help travellers understand what can hurt children while they are travelling. ChildSafe’s 7 Tips On Being A ChildSafe Traveller provide information on what can be harmful, alongside proactive ways that travellers can help.

ChildSafe Movement
RIGHT Tourism

RIGHT-Tourism is an information hub where you can take action against animal cruelty in the tourism industry. They offer tips on how to make animal friendly choices when you travel, as well as offering a platform for users to campaign against unethical practices they are concerned about. Find out about which travel companies and volunteer opportunities have taken the RIGHT-tourism pledge.

Pack For A Purpose is an initiative that allows travellers to make an impact while travelling by using a small amount of space in their luggage to pack supplies needed by community projects around the world. The site lists a number of places, in hundreds of cities worldwide, where you can drop off your donations that will go to the people who need them most.

JAMUY is an online community promoting short and fun activities around the world which serve a good cause. The platform, which is run solely by volunteers and free of charge for all its members, allows users to share and participate in do-good activities with a socially beneficial purpose. JAMUY aims at increasing the visibility, attractiveness and accessibility of these projects to maximise their impact and provide additional funds and support to their cause. Browse through do-good activities here. 

Givebackpackers is a community that connects backpackers with like-minded individuals and the causes they care about. The website lists a marketplace of experiences and causes around the world that you can connect with on your travels. The community is growing and always looking for more causes and organisations to add to the website so get in touch with them if you have a lead. You can apply to be a Givebackpacker here.