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The Altruistic Traveller tells stories of both travel and altruism, with the aim to promote responsible and ethical tourism throughout the globe. 

Bianca, the author, began blogging about travel and altruism in 2012 after a journey to India, where she wanted to shed light on the social and economic differences she experienced there. 

Bianca now plans to spend the next 12 months travelling though south east and southern Asia sharing stories of good will and promoting responsible tourism alternatives that help to promote community development and improve the lives of others. 


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If you are an organisation, community or even just a person wanting to make a positive difference, The Altruistic Traveller would love to share your story.

Bianca has featured and worked with many organisations throughout south east Asia, including WFTO Asia and Wildlife Alliance, and helped them to promote their projects. 



The Altruistic Traveller is building a strong social media following of like-minded individuals and people who share common values, which include:

  • Fair opportunities for local people
  • Consideration for the Environment
  • Embracing sustainable development
  • Encouraging ethical tourism alternatives


Bianca is a contributor to Backpacker Bible, a responsible travel website based in the UK with over 3500 social media followers. She is also an ambassador for Grassroots Volunteering, a resource empowering travellers to connect to the causes and communities in the places they travel. 


Below are some of the ways that Bianca can help your organisation –

  • Write an article for you on her own blog or other media publications
  • Partner you with Visit.Org to expose your business to more visitors
  • List your social enterprise/volunteer opportunity on Grassroots Volunteering
  • List your social enterprise/volunteer opportunity on GivingWay
  • Connect your fair trade business with WFTO-Asia
  • List your experience on Jamuy
  • Provide digital marketing support
  • Provide sustainable tourism advice and guidance
  • Speak at an event or school about responsible tourism and community development
  • Promote your organisation/s on her social media



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1500+ Followers

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If you would like to collaborate and share your story please contact Bianca via any of the following platforms.

Email: thealtruistictraveller@gmail.com

Facebook: The Altruistic Traveller

Twitter: @TravelwthLove

Instagram: @TheAltruisticTraveller