About Me

About the girl behind the story

About six years ago I diagnosed myself with wanderlust and about three years ago I diagnosed myself with nomadism, however from right about the time I discovered my passion to be part of something that would contribute to the path of global peace and equality I diagnosed myself as a dreamer. ‘They say that I’m a dreamer… but I’m not the only one’. I think in that one sentence John Lennon reached out to all the dreamers of the world with a kind of ‘don’t worry, there are other’s like you’ message, giving us all hope that our unattainable dreams would one day become reality. So this is me, the nomadic, wanderlusting, dreamer pursuing her journey and following her dreams. The following paragraphs will give you a bit of background about some of the events that have shaped who I am today and ultimately led me on this journey.

I began connecting myself with the world through child sponsorship with World Vision. I was only 16 at the time and 10 years on, and much more self aware, I was able to embark on a journey to meet that sponsored child. This was one of the many experiences that gave me a different perspective on the world and that humbled me in ways one cannot imagine unless faced with the same experience. The awareness that I gained from my first child sponsorship made me realise that I had a part to play in this world.


Here is me visiting one of the local villages in Northern Uganda



In my twenties I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to be, as many of us can relate. In some ways I’m still not sure, but once you hit thirty you certainly have a better clue than any time prior to that. So I studied topics that would be able to assist me in working in the NGO sector, which would then give me increased opportunities to help others. This vision led me to complete diplomas in Web Design, Marketing and Digital Marketing, while at the same time working in the corporate world. It was my job in corporate which funded many of my overseas travels including trips to Borneo, India, Bali, Vietnam, China, Kenya, Uganda and many more. Each journey adding it’s own set of values to my worldview and each journey building on the wanderlust which I carried deep in my soul. Throughout these years I also developed a love for writing and shared many of my stories through my first blog Be Where You Want To Be.


This is one of my good friends and I planting trees in the Kinabatangan Forest of Borneo


Borneo with Amber


This is me climbing the Great Wall of China back in 2012





One of the most significant and life changing experiences for me was my first trip to Cambodia. A friend and I sat around the dinner table one night and brainstormed ideas on how we could make a difference in the world. We both shared the same passions and felt as though we should be doing more. It was then that we decided to go on a mission to Cambodia to introduce ourselves and collaborate with some of the smaller grassroots organisations working there for the greater good.

That journey changed my life. It was there that I realised the opportunity that we all have to make a lasting impact on people’s lives, no matter how far out of sight they may be. Through a little communication, and a little courage my friend and I were able to pull funds together to build a school classroom for the children of a school on the outskirts of Siem Reap, the Sok School Villa.


Here is an image of the school classroom construction




And here is an image of me teaching at the school on my return trip to Cambodia, three months after the original




It was not too long ago that I made the big decision to leave my job in the corporate world and pursue this passion of mine that had been nudging at me for so long. Through the life experiences mentioned above I finally understood that it doesn’t take much to change a life and so I decided to go on this journey. An altruistic journey that would incorporate my love for travel, and my love for connecting with people, and explore what possibilities we have as human beings to make a difference in the world.