If there’s one thing Chiang Mai is famous for it’s street food!

In this northern city of Thailand one is never far away from a pop-up vendor selling mouth-watering Pad Thai for as little as $2. The locals here in Chiang Mai know how to do street food, and they know how to do it well.

Every day food vendors line the busy streets of the Night Bazaar offering anything from a greasy kebab to a fresh Papaya salad. You’ve got the Saturday and Sunday walking streets where, every week, hundreds of spaces are designated to food stalls selling nothing but food… glorious food.

After 4 pm each night the streets light up with carts selling all kinds of meals and snacks, enough to fill you up without having to sit down and spend any money in a restaurant. Need a drink? They have that covered too with fruit shake vendors whipping up a refreshing, icy shake in minutes, for as low as $1.

If you love street food you must put Chiang Mai on your list of places to visit!


*Trigger warning* – These photos will make you hungry


Start with some sausages for less than 50 cents


Thai Sausages


There’s a Vegetarian option too or the famous Mango with sticky rice – delish!




All kinds of freshly steamed dumplings




Or perhaps some Sushi instead?




Fancy some spicy Khao Soi noodles?


Khao Soi


And then cool down with some …. Ancient Ice-Cream????


Ice Cream


Perhaps stick to something familiar like Pad Thai


Pad Thai


Or not?




What to choose? A Passionfruit or an Octopus….




Maybe fried Banana instead




There’s Quail Egg for the adventurous ones


Quail Eggs


Or more sausages and meat skewers for those who want something familiar




Wash it all down with a shake. There are so many fruits to choose from!




And now time for dessert




Wait… Are we still in Thailand?




It seems if you want it, they’ve got it. And if not there are countless other amazing restaurants and cafes in this vibrant town, which is one of the reasons why Chiang Mai is, by far, one of my favourite cities in the world.


Have you been to a city with great street food. Share your comments below.








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