Travelling does not have to be all about sightseeing. You can use the time you are exploring new places to be eco friendly and try out some new sports. Not only will you get fitter and more relaxed, you will contribute to the preservation of the environment.


Water activities are the best ones to choose if you feel like going green. Unlike others, which pollute the surroundings, those who seek water sports are conscious. Land based sports are harsh on the environment due to the use of many fertilisers, so decide to make your holiday a green one.


Conscious fishing

Contrary to popular belief, fishing does not have to be harmful towards the biodiversity of a place and its environment. First of all, you should think what your tackle is made of. Lead is used in production of this fishing item and large amounts of it can be poisonous to fish. Unlike that material, steel is perfect because it will not cause any harm. Secondly, think rationally, do not bring too much bait with you, and bring only the quantity you will actually use, practice catch and release.




Discover surfing or stand up paddle boarding

A surfers’ playground is the most perfect one – beautiful waters brimming with animal and plant species. However, sadly the number of clear waters has been decreasing during the last couple of decades. Unlike other sportsmen, surfers and their fellow friends, lovers of stand up paddle boarding, are the most conscious athletes when it comes to protecting the environment. Both of the sports have their fans immersed into the waters while being on non-toxic boards made with expanded polystyrene. The structure of the boards is renewable. Professionals from Natural Necessity claim that the two sports are eco friendly because they use long-lasting natural materials while not causing any waste. If you care about the environment choose these activities, which will make you satisfied and leave the nature intact.




Grab a bike

Biking is a great activity that causes no pollution to your surroundings. It will give you leaner muscles and more stamina in no time, while you enjoy the natural beauties of newly discovered places. Most bike components are made of recyclable materials and, as such, cause minimal harm to the environment. Most countries have beaten trails for cyclists and there is no better way to explore the sights than riding your comfortable bike. It is quick, efficient and you can carry a lot of necessities with you and still not pollute the Earth. Furthermore, you can choose a solar bike and be even more in sync with nature.




Hike across the country

Hiking is excellent for toning your body and unwinding from everyday stress. It is also a terrific way to reconnect with nature. You will get to see unsurpassed scenery on foot and, best of all, there is no bad effect on the environment. It is all about establishing a bond between you and the nature around you so choose some of the most interesting routes in picturesque areas.




Choose snorkeling

If you are willing to explore the biodiversity in the waters of wonderful places such as reefs you will only need a mask, a snorkel and flippers. However, you need to embrace the eco friendly attitude and not feed the fish once you are in the waters. Do not leave any kind of waste in the sea and make your experience the perfect one by causing no damage to the environment.




Do the right thing for the planet and when deciding where to travel choose the places where eco friendly sports are possible to try. Water sports cause no harm and you should try them as a way to reconnect with nature and stay green.



About the author

Roxana is a travel enthusiast and lifestyle consultant from Sydney and she loves to write about her adventures. She is all about the healthy lifestyle, loves to run with her husband and dogs and has fun cooking exotic meals for her family. Being a typical Aussie, she often hits the waves and loves beaches and sunshine! You can find out more about her writing by following her on twitter.



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